Since 1928, Strickland Companies has reliably provided our customers with business, digital and printing papers. We proudly offer a broad selection of environmentally progressive fine papers from around the globe including the United States, Canada, Asia, South America and Europe. This vast inventory is distributed from our six regional warehouses. Strickland’s friendly and knowledgeable customer service team ensures the ordering process is superior. Whether you choose to speak directly to our customer service representatives or take advantage of our user-friendly website, you can be assured of unrivaled customer support. Strickland’s extensive inventories, efficient fleets, knowledgeable sales force and superior customer service guarantee our customers the prompt and accurate deliveries that today’s competitive marketplace demands.


Strickland Companies is committed to being the most valuable, indispensable supplier of digital printing papers in the markets that we serve. In order to better serve our customers in this growing market segment, we have revamped our digital printing papers stocking program. Please contact your sales representative or customer care specialist for more information.


Paper Vendors

  • Utopia Premium
  • Utopia One
  • Utopia One Xtra Green
  • Utopia Two
  • Utopia Two Xtra Green
  • Utopia Three
  • Altima
  • Curious Collection
  • NCR Superior carbonless
  • NCR Xero-Form carbonless
  • NCR LaserSnap carbonless
  • NCR Recover Recycled Carbonless
  • NCR Specialties Carbonless
  • Appleton Digital Paper-Film Laminate
  • Appleton Digital Synthetic
  • Appleton Digital Pressure Sensitive
  • Appleton Digital Fluorescents
  • Polyart
  • chipboard
  • 100% recycled copy paper
  • Numbered tickets
  • Door hangers
  • Specialty die cut products
  • X9 copy paper
  • X9 Hi-Brite copy paper
  • Aspen 30% recycled copy paper
  • Aspen 50% recycled copy paper
  • Aspen 100% recycled copy paper
  • Impact commercial envelopes
  • Impact catalogs/booklets
  • Impact announcements
  • Specialty envelopes
  • Printed envelopes
  • Proprietary envelopes
  • Wide format media – aqueous
  • Wide format media – solvent
  • Wide format media – Eco solvent
  • Wide format media – UV
  • Wide format media – Latex
  • Wide format media
  • Silvermaster
  • Rycoline
  • Press supplies


  • Finch Premium Blend
  • Finch Fine
  • Finch Opaque
  • Finch Casa Opaque
  • Finch Digital
  • Stationary boxes
  • Business card boxes
  • Parchtone
  • Glo-Tone
  • Pop-Tone
  • Dur-O-Tone
  • Mod-Tone
  • Speckletone
  • Muscletone
  • Smart White
  • Construction
  • Wide format media – pressure sensitive
  • Spectrum copy paper
  • Spectrum offset rolls


  • Titan Gloss
  • Titan Dull
  • Titan Digital Gloss
  • Titan Digital Dull
  • Champadco padding cement
  • Hammermill
  • Accent Opaque
  • Springhill
  • Williamsburg Offset
  • Impact announcements
  • Proprietary envelopes
  • Platinum Gloss
  • Platinum Silk
  • Pressure sensitive items
  • 50/10
  • Brite-Hue
  • Carnival
  • Chromolux
  • Color Copy
  • Loop
  • Opaque
  • Options
  • Skytone
  • Superfine
  • Strathmore
  • Via
  • Pro Digital Gloss
  • Pro Digital Silk
  • Synaps
  • Synaps Digital XM
  • Thermanent
  • Thermanent Digital PS
  • ThermaTac

Norcross Tag

  • Wide format media
  • Tyvek and specialty envelopes
  • Security paper
  • Computer paper
  • Perforated and punched paper
  • Perforated and punched papers
  • Specialty envelopes
  • Shine
  • CT
  • Odeon
  • Savoy
  • Navigator copy paper
  • Soporset
  • Index tabs
  • Specialty digital products
  • Engineering bond rolls
  • Report covers
  • Laminating film
  • EZ coil
  • Comb binding
  • Impact pressure sensitive
  • Wide format media – scrim and mesh banner
  • Engineering rolls
  • Wide format media
  • Computer paper
  • Perforated and punched paper
  • POS rolls
  • Custom labeled water
  • Acrylic ink
  • Rubber base ink
  • Oil base ink
  • Tango C1S/C2S
  • Door hangers
  • Numbered tickets
  • Security paper
  • Specialty die cut products


Strickland Companies is committed to providing our customers with paper products that are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. We are chain-of-custody certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Our certification ensures that many of the paper products we distribute pass from a certified, well-managed forest to a certified paper manufacturer, merchant and printer. For more information, please visit www.fsc.org or contact your sales representative.


Paper Sales Policy

Prices- All prices and quotations are subject to change without notice. Goods will be billed at prices prevailing at time of shipment. All orders are priced on the basis of quantity delivered for one customer, to one destination, at one time. We reserve the right to meet competition. All deliveries are subject to fuel surcharges, mill shipment, strikes, acts of God and conditions beyond our control. No storage.

Terms – Our terms, generally, are Net 10 days following purchases. In some instances this will vary, thus every invoice will have your exact terms. No discount on C.O.D. orders. We will not deliver C.O.D. orders for cash payment. Only approved checks and authorized debit or credit card transactions will be accepted. A service charge of 1.5% per month will be charged to all accounts past due with a minimum charge of $3.00. All accounts must have prior credit approval.

Legal – The proper jurisdiction for all cause of actions that may arise as of a breach of the sales agreement created by signing our delivery ticket will be Jefferson County, Alabama. All reasonable acts of collection, including attorney’s fees, shall be paid for all amounts requiring collection. Any and all exemptions granted under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Alabama shall be waived.

Allowances and Returns – No allowances will be made for paper after it is cut, drilled, or printed. A signed delivery ticket constitutes your receipt and our delivery of goods. Check your orders carefully and notify us immediately if any errors occur. Paper and Packaging may be returned within 90 days of shipment and Business Products within 30 days of shipment and only with our prior approval and subject to the following conditions. Goods must be in saleable condition (clean, undamaged, free of defect, and properly secured for transit). Once permission is granted, a pick up ticket issued, and goods received in saleable condition, a credit will be issued. We reserve the right to charge a restocking charge. Return and reconditioning charges for any special orders, mill or otherwise, are subject to mill policies and negotiation. charges for any special orders, mill or otherwise, are subject to mill policies and negotiation.

Mill Shipments and Mill Penalty Charges – All mills have found it necessary to make small charges for filling many types of small or broken unit orders. We will gladly handle and solicit such orders, but we cannot absorb such mill charges, nor the extra transportation charge involved. Such charges will be added to your invoice, and you should provide for such charges in quotations to your customers.

Cutting- Our cutting capabilities allow for a variance of plus or minus 1/16″.

Complaint Handling Policy

Strickland Companies has serviced our customers for over 75 years. We are a distributor of paper, packaging and business products, and have a strong interest in assisting every customer in cases where problems are encountered. Our goal is to represent equally our customers and our manufacturers and fairly and promptly assist in settling claims according to industry standards.

When we furnish product which may have a manufacturing defect rendering it unsuitable for the purpose bought, we act as an intermediary in negotiating a settlement between the customer and the manufacturer. Strickland Companies cannot be responsible for expenses or inconvenience that this defective product may cause our customers, as stated in the following Warranty. To help us help our customers in reaching a fair and prompt settlement with a manufacturer, we offer the following suggestions:

1. Please retain and submit carton and skid labels, lot numbers, sequentially printed and unprinted sheets demonstrating the problem, damaged plates or blankets, tape pulls, and records documenting the extent, nature, and cost of the down time and/or added expenses.

2. If you encounter a quality problem that may be paper related, production should stop immediately and Strickland Companies should be notified. Should you elect to continue production without notifying us, you dramatically increase the chance of the manufacturer denying that the product was unsuitable. Claims are typically not allowed for paper that has been cut, ruled, printed, or otherwise altered of used.

3. All monetary claims should be submitted in detail with itemized equipment hourly cost rates.

4. A full investigation of the product in question and the circumstances may be required. You should allow Strickland Companies representative and appropriate Mill representative to visit your facility and review the situation. Without your full cooperation, the parties may be unable to form a judgment of responsibility, and your claim may be denied.