Real Men Wear Pink

Our Commander in Paper, BT Tynes, and his two brothers have joined a group of dedicated and distinguished community leaders who are determined to raise awareness and funds to support the American Cancer Society in saving lives from breast cancer. By being candidates of the Real Men Wear Pink campaign here in Birmingham, the Tynes are making a meaningful impact on a cause that touches us all and having some fun while doing it.

Three Brothers Don Pink to Support Their Sister

From left, Ingram, Bayard and Norman Tynes.


Cary Wahlheim was able to win her battle against breast cancer with the support of doctors, procedures and her three big brothers.

Norman, Bayard and Ingram Tynes are all participants in this year’s Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

“Cary is the fourth child with three older brothers,” Norman Tynes said, “We all flocked to her. We are a close-knit family.”

According to Tynes, Wahlheim’s cancer was caught early enough that after a radical procedure, she hasn’t needed further treatment. But he knows this isn’t always the case and he wants to help change that.

“Once you are affected by it, you wake up and realize how prevalent it is,” he said, “We’ve just got to find a way to make it less prevalent.”

That’s why, along with his brothers, Tynes will don a little bit of pink every day in October.

“We’ve been buying up pink stuff and T-shirts. We are really trying to spread the word by talking with friends, family and colleagues,” he said.

Tynes wants to raise as much money as he can for the American Cancer Society, an organization he trusts and admires.

“Their persistence and high profile in our community with galas and the golf tournament is impressive,” he said, “They are great at explaining how the money is spent and I think they appoint the dollars appropriately toward beating the disease.”

The Real Men Wear Pink campaign is directed at engaging men in the breast cancer fight, but Tynes is invested in fighting many types of cancer, cancers other relatives have battled such as prostate and ovarian cancer.

While he said he isn’t one to work just for a trophy, Tynes said he plans to have fun raising money and looks forward to some friendly competition.


article via: Sarah Kuper, Over the Mountain Journal


You can support the Tynes’ Real Men Wear Pink effort by visiting to make a donation or by sharing this blog post with the hashtag #RealMenBham.