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Customer grants Strickland a security interest in each purchased product and any proceeds for the amount of the purchase price until Customer has fully paid for the product. Customer hereby authorizes Strickland to file a UCC Financing Statement at any time to perfect Strickland's security interest in the products and proceeds. Customer shall not move products to another location while Strickland maintains a security interest. Upon the default of Customer, Strickland shall have, in addition all other remedies provided by law, the right to take possession, without judicial process, in any manner which does not breach the peace, of any products which Strickland then has a security interest. Upon Strickland's request, Customer shall assemble such products at Customer's own expense at a place to be designated by Strickland which is reasonably convenient to both parties.

Our terms are stated on each invoice delinquency charge of 1% per month on all past due open account balances. Failure to make payment according to our stated terms is basis for legal action and the undersigned agrees to pay all cost of collections including reasonable attorney's fees in case of suit. I hereby authorize Strickland to investigate the references herein listed pertaining to my credit, financial responsibility, and I agree to the terms stated above.

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